Credits - Dear Diary Expo
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The exhibition is a collaboration between the Centre for Life-Writing Research at King’s College London and the Great Diary Project, co-directed by Professor Clare Brant, King’s and Dr Polly North, Director, The Great Diary Project. The exhibition is supported by Cultural Programming, King’s. King’s College London would like to thank all the galleries and individuals who have so generously lent and contributed to the exhibition. All endeavors have been made to obtain permission for all exhibition items. The exhibition draws on the expertise of the European Research Council funded Ego-Media research group at King’s, which investigates life writing in the digital age.
Designer: Mr Gresty (Studio)
Web design: Andrew Turner
Film-makers: Derek Eland, Rob Gallagher,  Arko Højholt  and Jonah Klein
Photographers: Rachel Smith, and Yeshen Venema,
Music: Sam Jackson
Content contributed by: Alex Belsey, Rob Gallagher, Ailsa Granne, Mikka Højholt, Rachael Kent and Rebecca Roach
App designed by: Nikita Vorontsov

With thanks to: Martin Abrams, Anna Arthur, Boho Berry,
The Bodleian Library, The British Library, Joanna Budden,
Carolyn L. Burke, Nicola Burns, Calderdale Museums,
Bernard Capp, Angela Clare, John Coombe, The British
Council, Pixel Crater Ltd, Corin Harper-Davis, Caroline
Dawnay, Rebecca Dean, Stefan Dickers, Peter Fletcher,
Rachel Foss, Richard Harper, Robert G. Hodge, Rachel
Homer, Sophie Jones, Clark Kegley, Richard Kirkland, Mark
Krynsky, Andrew Law, Alan Li, Charles Lock, Frances Long,
Richard D. North, James Metcalf, Lauren McCarthy, Kyle
McDonald, Grace Newton, Christina Owen, Jo Rodgers,
Max Saunders, Matt Shaw, Sarah Spiller, Stylist Magazine,
Tate, Andrew Turner, Keith Vaughan Estate, Barbara
Vesey, Bret Victor, Victoria and Albert Museum, Eric
Walters, Andy Webber, Brian C. Wilson, The Whitewall
Company, The Wordsworth Trust, Zoe Wilcox, Adam Wulf.

‘Every man has reminiscences which he would not tell to everyone, but only to his friends. He has other matters in his mind which he would not reveal even to his friends, but only to himself, and that in secret. But there are other things which a man is afraid to tell even to himself, and every decent man has a number of such things stored away in his mind. The more decent he is, the greater the number of such things in his mind.’
Dostoyevsky, The Adolescent.